Tricia & Fraser, 2018

Marnie's photos of our elopment made our friends and family cry they are so beautiful. We consistently heard them say that they felt like they were there because she captured the love and beauty of the day. She exceeded our expectations and made us feel so at ease the entire time. Looking forward having Marnie capture more of our life milestones for years to come.

Michaela & Bradley, 2018

Marnie photographed our elopement in Tofino on Vancouver Island. She went above and beyond in so many ways, helping us gather plates and utensils to eat our wedding cake, and she was so sweet and genuine the whole time. I would recommend Marnie a thousand times. Beautiful personality aside, Marnie is a talented photographer with excellent equipment and lenses. The photographs we have from the biggest day of our lives are the 2nd best thing about that day!

Bryan & Krysia, 2018

Marnie did our wedding photos this past May and we couldn't be happier. She was very calm and organized and helped keep us on schedule. She had great suggestions for location and helped make it feel like our special day. The end result was an amazing set of photos that are a perfect capture of our wedding day.  

Samantha & Robyn, 2018

Marnie did an outstanding job photographing our wedding. We got married in Tofino and Marnie really captured the beauty of that environment. She was happy to go on our adventure with us, which included flying to the top of the mountain in a helicopter. Marnie was super easy-going and had a lot of great suggestions for pictures on our day, She has a very positive energy, which made our experience so much better. Everywhere that we went for our pictures, Marnie had great ideas and took as many photos as she could with the time she had. After our wedding, she promptly sent us some sample photos, which got us very excited for the final copies. A week later we received all of our photographs, and we were absolutely shocked and amazed. We didn't even know how to choose which ones we wanted to frame in our house. All of the pictures turned out beautiful and we couldn't be happier.

Sandra & Stanley, 2017

Marnie provides such a creative professionalism in her photography and it translates to naturally beautiful pictures that you will treasure forever. She even lent out her own black dress for one of bridesmaid's to wear. I can honestly say if you are looking for epic wedding photos Marnie is your girl!

Watts Family, 2017

Marnie is truly amazing at what she does! We had a blast with our family photos - her fun, easygoing nature allowed us to relax and be ourselves. We are all so impressed! The photos are absolutely gorgeous and will be loved for years to come. Thank you so much, Marnie, for your beautiful work!

Kim & Ryan, 2017

Marnie is very sweet and easy going. She was so awesome with all the family and very casual and relaxed which is fantastic and takes the pressure off of a wedding, a true calming effect which we loved. Thanks for taking such a stunning photo of our little one, it's unreal!

Kaitlynn & Ross, 2017

We are in LOVE with our wedding photos! Thank you so much to Marnie for capturing our day for us. Marnie was super easy to work with and great at directing us to get the perfect shot. We've received many, many compliments on our photos. Thanks Marnie! You rock!

Autumn Skye Morrison, 2016

Marnie has been the photographer at my annual week-long painting retreat for the past three years, in Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Bali. She has become a vital part of the team, and her grace, humour, sensitivity, and expert eye is such a benefit to have with us. Her photos are creative and dynamic, and she always captures the spirit of the atmosphere in a beautifully unique way. Over these years Marnie has also become a close friend, and I am constantly in awe of her kind and honest nature.

Nadia Bonenfant, Juna Yoga, 2016

Marnie is an extremely talented photographer, able to capture the essence of the moment and the energitical interaction between her subject and the environment.I have had the pleasure to work with Marnie on our Tofino surf and yoga retreats and the images she has captured for us are now consistently used in our on going media campaigns and marketing tools. She is discrete with how she shoots in a group and our guests are always taken aback on how well she captured their emotions during yoga sessions or on our coastal explorations. Marnie's images have allowed our business to expand and grow in popularity and we feel forever grateful to work with her during our West Coast offerings. She is a brilliant artist, deeply in tune with nature and her subjects and her photographs express this with both strength and subtlety. We highly recommend her services.

Ulrike Reinhold, Bali Spirit Festival, 2016

I have briefed and worked with many photography volunteers at the Bali Spirit Festival and Marnie was certainly one of my favorite photographers to work with. Her attitude towards the event was nothing but positive, her approach most professional and the pictures Marnie took are now being used by the Festival for all kinds of promotions. She was one of our strongest photographers on the team and a pure joy to work with. Her images are spot on, capture the vibe, are creative and tell a story. I would love to work with Marnie again in the future and can only recommend her to any Festival. Her contribution will ad to an amazing outcome of any event.

Ashton Szabo, 2016

I've worked with Marnie a number of times and each time I've been blown away with the quality of her work. There is something about her work that simply can't be taught. She has an eye for photography that is extremely rare in this world. I think it was James Joyce who coined the phrase: Aesthetic Arrest. That moment where art can stop you in your tracks and fill you with an experience of wonder and awe. That's the feeling her images give me and I'm certain she can capture that same moment for you.

Chantel & Ben, 2016

Marnie is the epitome of what you want in a photog. After perusing the local talent, I stalked marnies page & blog and stumbled onto one of my favourite photographers to follow! Along with her sessions, her artwork is stunning. We can't wait to see our wedding photos, we know they'll be great.

Amanda & Family, 2015

YOU.  ARE.  INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!  You really captured the joy and the wonderful expressions of my grandparents.  This is EXACTLY what I wanted and envisioned when I first contacted you.  I cannot thank you enough.  Thank you so much for a fun evening, and these amazing memories captured in photos.  We REALLY appreciate it!!!!!!

Brooke & Joel, 2016

Marnie did a fabulous job of photographing our wedding day, as we both knew she would. She was calm, upbeat, positive and a pleasure to work with. I'll definitely be recommending her to anyone who needs photography services on the west coast!

Erin & Todd, 2016

Marnie shot our wedding this summer in Tofino. She was so easy going, she let us enjoy our day and captured excellent shots along the way. She organized the family shots so that they could be taken very quickly and we could get back to celebrating. We received our photos back in a very timely matter. Thank you Marnie, such a beautiful job you did!

Austen & Sam, 2014

We were lucky enough to have Marnie photograph our wedding in October. Communicating with her was quick and easy, she was extremely flexible in providing us just what we were looking for, and her knowledge of the area is apparent. As a person, she is incredibly patient, laid-back, and kind. We absolutely love our photographs (and everyone else does too!), she has such a unique and beautiful style. All together- she is everything you are looking for in a wedding photographer. Be sure to book early so you can experience her work for yourself!

Amy & Ian, 2014

We had Marnie photography our Tofino wedding in August last year. We are not extroverts, and would consider ourselves pretty camera shy. Marnie made us feel very comfortable and special, while taking our wedding pictures. She captured the key moments beautifully, all in her querky and wonderful style. We had a blast working with Marnie and the photos we got, we were blown away by. Marie is very professional, fun and a fantastic artist, we can't recommend her highly enough! Thank you Marnie, keep doing what your doing!

Christina & John, 2014

We hired Marnie for the entire wedding day. She made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. We are thrilled with the photos. She captured so many candid moments when we didn't even realized she was there. We picked Marnie because we loved how artistic and creative her photos were. We met Marnie on our wedding day but felt like she was an old friend. We would highly recommend Marnie!

Sophie & Anthony, 2013

Our experience with Marnie has been absolutely AWESOME! We booked her for our post wedding shoot in Tofino after getting married in Hawaii. She is so creative, easygoing and very professional; she was not afraid to get down in the dirt for that perfect shot, all the while making sure we felt happy and comfortable. The experience itself was amazing, but the photos are just breathtaking! Marnie’s work is INCREDIBLE, I would definitely recommend her!

Anita & Ross, 2013

We had Marnie photograph our wedding on the beach at Long Beach Lodge Resort and it was fabulous! Our photos really captured the moment and the beautiful setting around us. Marnie is an amazing photographer and was truly wonderful to work with. She helped to make our special day relaxing, fun and memorable. We love showing off the beautiful photos to friends and family! 
We would definitely hire Marnie again if we decide to renew our vows or visit Tofino again for a special occasion.

Cara & Neil, 2013

 I appreciated Marine's calm, gentle personality. She made me feel relaxed right away. I don't generally like to have my picture taken but Marnie's laid back nature made it easy. She captured our wedding in a creative way that truly embraced the beauty of the environment around us. The photos are unique and natural; not typical cheesy wedding photos! Both my husband and I were amazed at well our photos turned out. We would recommend Marnie to anyone and definitely call on her again!

Jocelyn & Jordie, 2013

I booked Marnie for our elopment after seeing all of the beautiful Tofino pictures on her website and blog. She definitely lived up to any and all expectations that I had for our pictures. She had so many unique and interesting ideas and the whole process felt like such a breeze, it was so comfortable for both my husband and I throughout our session and we had an amazing time. I recieved the photos very quickly and the end result surpassed my expectations, it was so hard to choose which ones to put in an album! Our families and everyone who has seen the pictures have been amazed, I couldn't have asked for more.

Mariah & Sam, 2013

Anyone can see for themselves how amazing Marnie's photos are. What they can't see from her website is how she takes pictures. Her presence was calm and charming. We felt relaxed and natural while having our photos taken. Marnie's instruction was solid but we also felt we had a lot of freedom to be ourselves. We loved working with her.

Diane & Shelley, 2013

Marnie captured the most memorable day of our lives. The shots were taken with great clarity and imagination and the ocean together with the beautiful sunshine and reflections in the water made them absolutely beautiful. She managed to capture the joy, love and emotions of everyone there.

Vanessa & Matt, 2013

Marnie has an amazing gift with photography! She has an ability to capture each precise feeling and emotion of the landscape and the people she captures. When I first saw her wedding portfolios, I was entranced by each image. They would make me smile, laugh, even get teary. I wondered time and time again what our pictures would be like. Then came our amazing day. She made us feel so calm and relaxed, and she took so many we didn't even know she had taken! When I now look back to our own wedding portfolio, I can remember every moment better than the moment it was captured, and I can re-live the moments over again.

Emily & Adam, 2012

We were looking for a photographer who could capture the spirit of our destination wedding. Marnie was a perfect fit for us. She is easy to work with and has an abundance of creative energy. She kept us on schedule to get all the shots we wanted and saved plenty of time for impromptu shots. She was everywhere at once but never intrusive, and it was not unusual to find her shooting from behind a bush or climbing on rocks to get that perfect shot. The final product is a fantastic collection of photos. Photography was a major priority for us, and we could not have made a better choice.

Melissa & Kai, 2012

From our very first meeting we were instantly at ease with Marnie's professional, relaxed, and artistic personality. Coupled with her extensive, one-of-a-kind portfolio, we had made the perfect choice. On September 29th, 2012 at 8am, Marnie joined us to welcome and embrace our wedding day. She brought to life every special moment from morning yoga and surfing, through to the emotional father of the bride toast, and every cherished moment in between. Her picturesque engagement guestbook she designed was admired during our reception. Our wedding day was captured in a way that only a truly remarkable photographer could. We will cherish our wedding story, as captured by Marnie, for the rest of our lives.

Thea & Lalo, 2012

She caught so many special moments at the ceremony, and we never even realized she was there taking the pictures! It seems like she was 100 different places at once – but at the same time nowhere! Crazy!

We are so happy with the work Marnie did and can’t believe how perfectly she captured the happy energy of the day! Looking at the photos you can really feel all the LOVE that was there! We love you Marnie, thank you!!!!

Desirae & Corey, 2011

Marnie has an amazing talent for capturing the beauty of Tofino, and the excitement and love we were feeling on our big day. With the work that Marnie did for us, we can now cherish our memories forever.She was so helpful with making out a time line and gathering information about our family and guest to insure we had everyone in the shots that we wanted. She is truly gifted and easy to work with, and I look forward to having her do our photos again and again during our visits to the island.