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  • Welcome to my blog! I am an artist, visual story-teller, and adventurous photographer, based in Tofino and Ucluelet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I am passionate about traveling, exploring new places, learning new things and inspiring those around me to live their dreams. This blog is a window into my work, my travels, my inspiration, and my love for all things creative.

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This winter I set out on a journey to chase the light down the American coast line. My goal on this trip was to visit my family in San Diego for Christmas and to photograph the beaches along the Oregon and California coast. First stop was the small town of Seaside on the northern coast of Oregon. After a stormy night of hail, thunder and lightning, the sun rose from the east to cast light on the beach and the next system approaching from the west. I was ecstatic and for the entire drive, the storm was following close behind with perfectly timed moments of light to capture the dramatic images you see in this post and those posted on Facebook the past few days.

The next stop was Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach. I’ve seen photos of this gigantic sea stack many times and have been really wanting to visit it. Often on this journey, I got myself lost on little side roads trying to find different angles and secret spots to check out the beaches. On one such occasion, I found a look out where the haystack was at a considerable distance and I got this dramatic shot. I made it black and white to truly appreciate the intensity of the weather and scale of the rock.The hail and lightning storms soon dissolved into a full-blown wind warning advisory. This made me extremely nervous driving along the narrow roads perched on the edges of ridiculously high and steep cliffs at Big Sur. I didn’t stay in one place for too long but it seemed to take twice as long to get anywhere because I had to stop at pretty much every turn of a headland to take in the awesome beauty.

After a week of relaxing with family and friends, I brought my camera out for this spectacular sunset at Cardiff in California. It was the last sunset of 2012 that I enjoyed with friends from back home. A great finish to an amazing year!

On the way back I lucked out with some really great weather and fully enjoyed Big Sur. Pfeiffer Beach was one of my visits and I stopped here with the intention of only staying a few hours, but was surprised to see about 30 photographers gather with their cameras to photograph a hole in a rock. I found it pretty amusing that these people were lined up, waiting for the perfect moment when the sun fell low enough to shine through the hole and cast light on the rocks and splash. The dedication of nature photographers is awesome and I had to stay and be part of it. I am still wondering how the other’s shots turned out…

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casacaudill - January 30, 2013 - 9:00 pm

Absolutely STUNNING images! For as much time as we’ve spent along the California coast (I grew up in SoCal and spent many weekends at Huntington Beach) and in Tofino, I’ve never spent time on the Oregon coast. I definitely want to rectify that with an RV trip up and down the state.

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