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  • Welcome to my blog! I am an artist, visual story-teller, and adventurous photographer, based in Tofino and Ucluelet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I am passionate about traveling, exploring new places, learning new things and inspiring those around me to live their dreams. This blog is a window into my work, my travels, my inspiration, and my love for all things creative.

2015 in Perspective

2015 was, without a doubt, one of the best years of my life. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration… since the best is yet to come, right? But pretty darn incredible nonetheless. SO much love and gratitude to all the people that came along for the journey. It’s because of you that made this year so special and I thank-you from the very bottom of my heart and expansiveness of my spirit!

I’ve been thinking about what photos I’d like to share to commemorate 2015 and I’ve come to realize that the time I spent on the water this year has been the highlight of the year. It was a pinnacle year, where I finally had my own boat, I got my SVOP and MED certifications and I logged over 200 hours as a deckhand on the Levithan II with Jamie’s Whale Watching Station. I also spent a couple weeks sailing with my family from Costa Rica to Panama. And I’m really proud of my little brother Warren who bought his first sailboat with his girlfriend Caroline. The love of the ocean is definitely in my blood. I love the freedom I feel when I am on the water… There is nothing like it. I’m excited for another year of exploring Clayoquot Sound, crabbing, fishing, visiting bears, whales, float homes, snorkeling, learning and dreaming up the next adventure. Maybe I’ll even drop the hook in Haida Gwaii this year… girl’s gotta have a dream!;)

And some images from sailing in Costa Rica and Panama during the rainy… thunderstorm and lightening season…

May there always be water under your boat.
May she always be seaworthy, ever afloat.
May the bilge pumps be certain to work night and day.
May the compass and charts always show the safe way.
May you find gentle harbor as every day ends.
May you lower your anchor amidst peace and good friends.
~Sheila Recker, 2015 Christmas blessing

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