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  • Welcome to my blog! I am an artist, visual story-teller, and adventurous photographer, based in Tofino and Ucluelet, on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I am passionate about traveling, exploring new places, learning new things and inspiring those around me to live their dreams. This blog is a window into my work, my travels, my inspiration, and my love for all things creative.

Victoria Wedding Photography | Erin & Sean | The English Inn

Congratulations Erin and Sean! I had a fabulous time photographing your wedding at the English Inn in Victoria. Erin and Sean are two of the nicest, most genuine people I have had the pleasure of photographing and I had a fabulous time at their wedding. Erin is an artist and for her wedding, she was a wedding decor planner. Every little details was imbued with meaning and beauty. Even the table top runners were made from her extra painting canvases! Verbena Floral Design created the most stunning bouquet and floral arrangements. The reception smelled heavenly with peony and rose scents. Erin’s hair was styled by Elena from Conscious Hair and Melanie Baird was Erin’s makeup artist. The gardens of the Inn were the perfect setting for Erin’s classic romantic beauty… and Sean is the perfect match for her. Love made these two shine on their wedding day. It was beautiful to witness and wonderful to meet all the caring people that were there to celebrate with them. I wish you, Erin and Sean, many more moments of beauty, creativity and love. I hope the images bring back all the emotions and happiness that you felt on your special day. Enjoy the sneak peek collage!

Rainy Day Wedding | West Coast Prepared!

I love rainy day weddings just as much as I love sunny ones. They push a photographer to the edges of their creativity and the results are often unique and very romantic. Although it can sometimes be challenging, rain brings humour, a lightness to the present moment, the rainforest is bright and lush, the clouds are gorgeous, and reflections are awesome in compositions. Umbrellas are great props and gumboots are the biggest trend at west coast weddings.

Some tips for being prepared for the chance of rain on your wedding day in Tofino or Ucluelet!

1. Go outside no matter what! Rain and wind are not the greatest combination but there are always places that will provide some shelter from the elements. Rain is easy to work with. A rain and wind combo can be challenging but there are beaches and forests that provide shelter. Work with a local photographer that knows all the beaches and understands the weather patterns.

2. A rainy day wedding is a rainy day narrative. Rain is a great element in the story of your day. In your wedding album you will want images that reflect this. Be it with photos taken through a rainy window, a raindrop on a leaf that holds your rings or a dramatic night photo with raindrops illuminated all around you.

3. Rain boots are a necessity! They are stylish and comfortable to wear. And they add a splash of colour to your photos. Imagine your white dress, yellow, red or blue gumboots making splashes in the tide pools next to green anemones and purple starfish. Yes! I want to make this image with you!

4. Umbrellas! Bring them if you have them, but don’t work if you don’t. I have almost every colour of the rainbow, a rainbow one, white one, and clear one. And ALL the resorts have black ones!

5. Talk to your hair and makeup artists about rain proofing your mascara and hair-do. It’s impossible to protect your hair from falling a little flat with the elements, but it is something to consider when choosing the style for your day. This is also why preparation photos are so important because a few photos before the ceremony in soft pretty window light are wonderful to have. Get you while you are done up perfect before you get lip stick on your cheeks, the wind blows your hair around and a tear runs down your face while you say your vows to the love of your life.

6. Make sure your photographer comes prepared with back-up gear. Wet cameras sometimes stop working in the rain and gear can fall in the wet sand.

7. Have a bag with a warm shawl or sweater if it’s cold or windy.

8. Always have a Plan B. You never know what the weather is going to do on the west coast. The forecast is seldom right. It can give you a basic idea of what it might be like, but more often than not, it is wrong.

9. Have fun! Be open to the surprises that will happen on your day and be ready for an adventure. After all, that is what life is- a great big adventure and your wedding day is one of the milestones that you will never forget because you will have the photos to celebrate it. So breath deep, laugh lots and don’t sweat over the little things.

Black Rock Resort Wedding | Ucluelet | Mara & Sonny

Here’s a sneak peek of some images from Mara and Sonny’ fabulous wedding at Black Rock Ocean Resort in Ucluelet. Mara loves rain and that is exactly what the west coast brought for her special day, resulting in some beautiful photos! The Black Rock Resort is one of the best venues for a rainy day wedding as there are lots of options for photos inside and I always come prepared with tons of umbrellas for a quick trip out to the lighthouse. Enjoy the photos everyone! There are more in the mail and should arrive very very soon.

Brooke & Mark | Pacific Sands | Tofino Wedding

The beginning of May was B E A U T I F U L ! Congratulations Brooke and Mark! It was a perfect Pacific Sands wedding on Cox Bay beach. A perfect beginning to a life of love. Suzanne Ryles of West Coast Weddings and Events coordinated the day so Brooke and Mark could concentrate on what mattered the most- each other. These moments come and go so quickly and I am honoured to capture them for my clients. My photos are a way to hold beauty and love still for a moment longer so we can enjoy them that much more. All the best to the beautiful couple. I wish you many more amazing moments together.

Hair and make-up by Studio One Aveda Concept Salon. Flowers from Crabapple Floral

Tofino Yoga | Beautiful Skye

Here are some shots from a recent session with Skye, a local yoga instructor. Skye has been teaching at Coastal Bliss in Tofino and is now returning home to Saskatchewan. She wanted to bring with her, some photos that commemorated her time on the west coast and celebrated her love of yoga. It was a joy capturing these images for her. I love being able to capture the grace and expression of a yoga pose in nature and I had so much fun with Skye. I hope you love the images too!

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